A Simple Guide to Proper Swimming Pool Maintenance

Are you in love with the fact that owning your own pool gives you the luxury of keeping cool and providing family entertainment throughout the hot summer months? Are you NOT so in love with the fact that you seem to be constantly worrying about keeping your swimming pool clean and running properly? Maintenance only seems overwhelming when you don’t have a game plan. The following guide can help you nail down the steps of proper pool maintenance, and help you keep things clean and in check without so much worry and hassle.

A Simple Guide to Proper Swimming Pool Maintenance

First off, organizing the proper steps to maintenance with a schedule will help you to more quickly and efficiently maintain your pool. This will leave you with more time to enjoy the water and soak up some sun. The most simple and effective way to create your schedule is to organize the proper maintenance into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. A list of to-dos in each of these categories will ensure you don’t miss any vital steps to keeping your pool safe and clean.

Daily Tasks:
1. Check the filter pressure to be sure it is not too high. This will help maintain your filters and prevent damage and repair down the road.
2. Examine the strainer basket to be sure it is not clogged. It needs to remain clear to properly keep debris out of the water.
3. Use your water test kit to check both pH levels and chemical levels. Keeping these levels in balance on a daily basis both ensures the water is safe to swim in, and prevents you from wasting time and money fixing a water problem occurring from chemical in-balance.
4. Cover the pool when not in use, preventing dirt and debris unnecessarily polluting the water.

Weekly Tasks:
1. Using the proper brushes and other tools per the type of pool supplies you own, scrub down the walls and floor of the pool. Be sure to remove any algae growth.
2. Examine the pool for any damage. Fix small tears or cracks right away, preventing further time-consuming and costly damage.
3. Hose off the deck, clearing debris away from the pool.

Monthly Tasks:
1. Check all of your pool equipment. Make sure safety equipment is in an easily accessible place, and that it is functioning properly. Inspect all of your cleaning and maintenance tools as well, and replace anything that has worn out.
2. Examine pool features such as skimmers, filters and pumps, to make sure everything is working as it should.
3. Give your pool a shock treatment. This once-a-month blast of chemicals will keep bacteria and algae at bay, making daily and weekly cleaning easier.

Following this simple guide will save you time and money, as well as give you peace of mind that you are doing the right things to keep your pool safe and healthy. Enjoy the summer and time at your pool – free of the worries of maintenance!