A Step-by-Step Guide to Swimming Pool Spring-Cleaning

Spring has sprung and like many people, you may be busy with your once -a-year deep cleaning of your home. Why not add to this great tradition by spring-cleaning your swimming pool as well? This step-by-step guide will help you quickly and effectively prepare for the summer season to begin.

Step 1: Clean and Remove the Pool Cover

Giving the pool cover a proper cleaning will aid in the process of cleaning the rest of the pool, so start there. You will need to remove any water, dirt and other debris that has gathered on the cover in the off-season. Sweeping the surface with a broom will more than likely suffice, but if quite a bit of water has gathered, use a pump to easily remove it. If needed, use a hose to clean away stubborn, muddy spots.

Step 2: Cleaning And/or Replacing Pool Parts

As you spring-clean, it’s important to check all pool parts to be sure they are clean and running properly. As you reinstall filters, pumps and hoses, watch for any damage they may have incurred. Also check the skimmer and it’s parts for any damage. Replace any parts that have worn out or been damaged over the winter. Completely clean the filters. Be sure to do a careful and thorough job back-washing and rinsing, as well as using the proper pool cleaners. After all the parts check out and have been reinstalled properly, you’ll be ready for the next step.

Step 3: Clean the Walls and Bottom of Pool

If properly cleaned and covered during the off-season, spring-cleaning of the bottom and walls of the pool will be pretty easy. If any large debris, such as leaves or sticks, has collected on the bottom of the pool, remove this first. Next, carefully scrub the walls with an appropriate pool cleaner and gentle brush. Be sure to clean steps and ladders as well.

After this, fill the pool with water and activate the filters. As the water circulates, it will help clean away any dirt that remains. If you have one, use your swimming pool vacuum for a thorough cleaning of each surface. This can be done with either a hand-held, manual vacuum, or an automatic model that you can leave in the pool.

Step 4: Checking Chemicals and Water Quality

The final part of a swimming pool spring cleaning is to test your chemicals to ensure clean water. Make sure your pool chemicals and water testing kits are up to date. Replacing them each spring will ensure their effectiveness.

Add the proper amount of chemicals and run the pump for several hours, allowing them to circulate. Then use your kit to check calcium, alkalinity, and pH levels. If you need to adjust anything, do so and then allow another eight hours or so of water circulation before checking again. Make sure to take notes on the proper amounts, so that you’ll be ready to go when the first hot day of summer hits.