A Swimming Pool is Only As Safe as Your Pool Deck

Swimming pools offer hours upon hours of fun for families and their friends through the warm months of the summer season. If proper safety measures are not followed, however, it won’t all be fun and games. Pools can pose a threat of serious injury to swimmers if certain safety precautions are not taken. Swimming pools that are not correctly covered, maintained and supervised can be very dangerous. From minor cuts and scrapes, to broken bones and in the worse case, drowning, are all possible if a pool is unsafe. It’s incredibly important for pool owners to understand pool safety measures and to consistently carry them out.

There are many precautions that can be taken to ensure swimming pool safety. Pools should be covered with a proper covering when not in use; This cover should be sturdy enough to prevent a child or pet from falling into the water if accidentally stepped on. Other safety measures include enforcing a no-running rule, keeping the pool clear of debris, and making sure all equipment is properly installed and up-to-date. One of the most important things you can do to ensure pool safety however, is to have a safe pool deck.

Both above ground and in ground swimming pools have decks surrounding the water. No matter which type of pool you have, an important safety precaution to take is limiting access to the pool deck. Most above ground pool liners have a set of stairs that lead up to the deck. A locked gate at the bottom of the stairs will prevent access to the pool while it is not in use, easily preventing accidents. Likewise, a fence built around an in ground pool, which can also be locked, will ensure children or pets do not fall in the water while the pool is unsupervised. Simple steps like these prevent a lot of injuries and accidents.

Keeping your pool secure when it is unsupervised is only part of what you can do to keep it safe, however. Pool decks naturally get wet as swimmers enter, exit, and play in the pool. Unfortunately, if not finished properly, a wet pool deck can be a very slippery, dangerous surface. Many injuries can occur if a swimmer slips and falls on a pool deck. Tile surfaces are probably the most slick when wet, but even concrete can get slick enough to cause a fall. Instead of using these finishes, you should look into finishing your pool deck with a more textured product. There are several options, including aggregate plasters, stones, and adding grit to the sealant. It is especially easy to specify using a non-slippery surface when you first install your pool, but it can also be added later, so don’t worry if your current pool needs a re-finish. It is never too late to make your pool a safer place.

Follow through using these safety tips and you will have peace of mind and be able to enjoy the fun your pool offers without so much worry about injuries.