Above ground pool liner

Liners for Above-Ground Swimming Pools

Above-ground swimming pools are a lot less money and hard work than in-ground pools, but they still provide just as much fun! It is a wonder why they have not put in-ground pools out of business. Not only are they less expensive and more simple, but they are also portable. Buying an above-ground pool is like hitting the jackpot for the summer months. It will provide you with tons of fun and a great way to beat the heat, but you must take proper care of it to keep it in top shape. One way that you should take care of your swimming pool is by installing a quality pool liner. This will protect the interior of your pool and provide comfort for swimmers. If you are unhappy with your current pool liner, it is recommended that you replace it with a more durable liner. After all, this will lengthen the life of your pool by protecting the sides from wear and tear.

Above-ground swimming pool liners are generally made of vinyl, so they feel nice and smooth on the swimmers’ feet. Here are some different types of pool liners to choose from:

Beaded Liners
These liners are very easy to install as they run up the side of the pool and then they just snap into a track at the top of the pool. It is very easy, and gets the job done properly. They don’t require the top half of the pool to be taken apart when being replaced, which makes installation even more simple! If you like a quick and easy installation, the beaded liners are the best option for you.

Overlap Liners
This is the cheapest option when it comes to swimming pool liners, and rather simple to assemble. Just like the name suggests, the liner lays inside of the pool and falls off the outside, where it is then secured by coping strips. This type of liner also gets the job done, but it is only available in a couple of colors, which usually turns people away. However, if you do not mind a simple color, and you are on a tight budget, this may be the best choice for you.

Expandable Liners
Expandable liners are made to accommodate very deep pools. There is nothing too special about them, but they are the best option for a pool owner who has a deeper above-ground pool.

Unibead Liners
This liner is basically the beaded liner and the overlap liner combined. It is very unique in that you can choose to install it as the beaded liner, or lay it over the edge of the pool like the overlap liner. If you like to keep your options open and want a liner that will fit just about any pool size, this is your best decision.

After you have decided on your liner, you can begin installation! Lay the liner out in the sun while you drain the water from your pool. After all the water is gone, lay the liner on the bottom of your pool and slowly push all the wrinkles and air bubbles out. Then fasten it according to the style, fill your pool back up with water, and enjoy!