Above-Ground Swimming Pools: Buying and Installing

Choosing which above-ground swimming pool to buy is a big decision. After all, it is a huge addition to your backyard. Various kinds of above-ground pools are available these days, from oval to rectangular to vinyl to granulated steel! There are a few things you need to consider while making your decision of which type of pool to purchase.

Do your research about the work it takes to maintain cleanliness of an above-ground pool.

You may want to read up on or ask a pool store employee about the responsibilities you will have when owning this type of swimming pool. You will need things such as chlorine, algaecides, and an aerator. There is also work that will need to be done periodically to keep your pool in good shape, like emptying the water, vacuuming, removing debris with a pool net, and changing the pool depending on the season. It is important to recognize that owning a pool comes with a lot of work and preparation.

Look around and compare prices between stores and companies.

Depending on the time of year that you buy your above-ground swimming pool, it may be on sale! Early winter or late summer is usually the best time to buy a swimming pool with a reduced price. However, if you are not looking around during that time, still make sure to compare prices and search online for the best-priced swimming pool!

Consider the materials that you will need to protect children and animals from the pool.

Each state or county has different, specific zoning laws. Check with your county or homeowner’s association to see if you are required to build a fence directly around your swimming pool. There are also laws about how tall the fence needs to be. It is important to know these laws so you can be prepared. Even if your county does not require a fence to be put around your pool, it is wise to consider if you have young children or animals in the neighborhood that are unable to swim.

Read the instructions and fine print before you buy!

You should read the manual for the pool you are thinking of purchasing so you know what to expect for installation, maintenance, etc. If you are unable to follow the instructions in the pool manual, then that is probably not the one you should purchase! The instructions will also tell you how much leveled land you need for the pool, and also what is needed for the pool during different times of year.

You must know whether or not your landscape will be acceptable for an above-ground pool.

Depending on what your landscape is made from, it may or may not support the weight of a swimming pool. Emptying your pool every season, or as needed, also does a number on many landscapes due to the chemicals in the water. If your backyard cannot handle it, then you probably should not invest in it.

An above-ground pool is a great addition to most backyards, and will be the source of lots of fun. It is just important to do your research and know what type of above-ground swimming pool fits your backyard and your budget!