Above-Ground Swimming Pools: Changing a Beaded Pool Liner

above-ground swimming pools changing a beaded linerAbove-ground swimming pools come with a lot of responsibilities, but they are totally worth it when you get to relax in a clean, durable, swimming pool on a hot, summer day. One of the chores that is made worthwhile is installing or changing your beaded pool liner. Luckily, this task is not as difficult as it may seem, and can be done properly with the right instructions (which are listed below):

  • Recruit a friend to help you with this task; you could use some extra hands.
  • Measure your pool accurately to make sure that you purchase the correct size liner. If you do not purchase the right size and you open the box to find that out, you will likely not be able to return the liner, and you will be stuck with the wrong size!
  • Make sure to get this chore done on a sunny day. Check your local weather channel because warm weather is the best weather to get the job done, and who wants to be out working on their pool in the rain?
  • If it is a nice, warm day, then you should unroll the pool liner and let it sit in the hot sun for at least 30 minutes while you prepare your pool.
  • Drain the water from your entire pool! This is a time-consuming task, but you will be unable to install the liner with the water in the pool.
  • Replace the sand in the bottom of your pool with bank sand. You might as well do that when you already have all of the water out of your swimming pool.
  • The preparation is over. Now it is time to install the liner! First, you will need to lay the liner out completely flat in the pool.
  • Center the liner so that it lines up with the perimeter of the pool. It should be close to perfect. It may seem to be too short, but do the best you can.
  • Push all of the wrinkles out that may have come up during readjustment. The liner should be flat.
  • This part should be similar to making a bed. You will tuck the liner underneath the pool sides on all four sides of the pool.
  • Then, you will need to tuck it in between the four spots that you have already done so. It should now be attached in eight places.
  • Now tuck it in all around. It will probably be pretty tight, but do the best you can. Smooth it out again so that it is completely flat.
  • Once you have the pool liner exactly where you want it, you can fill your pool back up with water. Continue to smooth out wrinkles as they appear.
  • As your pool is being filled, stay outside with it and make sure that the liner stays where you have placed it. If not, fix errors as they occur.
  • Once you have filled the water and the liner is snug in its place, you can enjoy your hard work by swimming in your pool.