Above-Ground Swimming Pools: Making Safety A Priority

Swimming pools that won't break the bankAbove-Ground Swimming Pools: Making Safety A Priority

If you are considering the purchase of an above-ground swimming pool, you are making a great decision. Your family and neighbors will definitely enjoy your source of backyard fun! Owning an above-ground swimming pool is an incredibly entertaining way to beat the heat, and can provide hours of relaxation in the sun, but it is not all fun and games. Safety must be made a priority when owning a swimming pool, otherwise the summer fun will be destroyed pretty quickly. Here are some ways that you can safely enjoy your backyard oasis.

Purchase a Pool Cover
Having a durable swimming pool cover over your swimming pool whenever it is not in use will not only help to keep your pool clean, but will serve as a barrier for small children and animals who want to enter the pool without supervision. Most times, swimming pool covers are too heavy for children to pick up. Also, it covers the water which is often what distracts and entices children. Purchasing a heavy duty swimming pool cover will help the safety of your pool greatly.

Build a Fence
Too many children and pets have drowned because pool owners do not take the time and effort to build a fence around the perimeter of the pool. There have many incidents when an adult goes inside to answer the phone and the child drowns in a matter of seconds. In order to prevent such cases, you should install a fence with a self-closing gate around the perimeter of your pool. Even if you do not have small children or animals, you should still build a fence for the safety of your neighborhood. It can save lives.

Have a Pool Alarm
In the case that both the fence and the pool cover fail to do their job, you should install a pool alarm that notifies you whenever the gate is opened. This way, if a child is smarter than the gate and gets it open, you will know and can run to the backyard and fix the situation. It is a great thing to have just in case. It is better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to children and pools.

Build a Deck
In order to serve swimmers of all ages, it is beneficial to build a deck around any above-ground swimming pool. It will make getting in and out of the pool a whole lot easier, especially for small children and elderly folks. It will also help to make your pool look a little more sophisticated.

Have Handrails
In addition to the deck around your above-ground swimming pool , it is important to also have handrails to help those getting out of the pool. It is likely that you will have a variety of people swimming in your pool, so you should do your best to serve all of their needs.

Enjoy your swimming pool, but always put safety first! Take the precautions listed above to avoid any injuries around your pool.