Above-Ground Swimming Pools That Are Reasonably-Priced

paradise-1Installing an above-ground swimming pool is not only a simple set-up, but also a very affordable option for most families. It can be installed for only a fraction of the price of an in-ground swimming pool. It also leaves you more time to enjoy your pool, rather than waiting months and months for it to be built. While you plan for your enjoyable days floating in the pool, it is important to note all the different types of above-ground pools, and to choose wisely which fits best for you.

Family Pool Fun sells a sturdy 12-foot round pool, 48 inches high with a ledge for even more stability! If you purchase the Pool and Liner Kit, it comes with a liner. This runs at around $750.00 with free shipping!

Intex offers the Rectangular Ultra-Frame Pool. It is 18 feet by 9 feet and it is 52 inches high. Toys R Us sells this pool for around $800.00 and it comes with essentials like the filter pump, pool cover, installation DVD, maintenance kit, surface skimmer, ground cloth, and a ladder! This is all included in the original price. Shipping and handling can be up to $300.00 for this product, so make sure to check with your nearest Toys R Us to see if they have it in the store.

Intex also offers a pool with an incredibly easy set-up, the Ellipse Inflatable Pool. These are very popular in toy stores because of their simplicity. This 12-feet by 20-feet and four feet high inflatable pool can be bought on thepoolzone.com for around $855.00. It comes with a metal frame for added support, but the pool is installed just like any other inflatable pool. Intex says that they sell more above-ground pools than any other company.

On Arthurspools.com, you can find a smaller pool such as the three-foot-deep Dolphin Swimming Pool, which is good for smaller children. It is constructed from galvanized steel so it is very reliable, and it includes a ladder and Dirt-Eater. The 12-foot round version is only around $530.00 while the 15-foot round version is around $650.00.

The Yorkshire Above-Ground Pool can be found on Overstock.com for about $1,100. Shipping is only $2.95 for anything purchased on this website, and this particular pool is made of galvanized steel. It is 18-feet round and 52 inches high. It comes with a 6-inch ledge and has blue walls.

As you can see, above-ground pools come in many different shapes and sizes, and are a great investment for fun and enjoyment outside. However, it is important to use precautions when buying a pool if you have children, especially under the age of 5 years old. Here are a few safety tips to help you with your pool purchase:

  • Always keep lifeguard equipment near the pool in case of emergency.
  • Put a fence around your pool that your children cannot get through without your help.
  • Never leave your children in the pool by themselves. Ever.
  • Do not leave your children’s toys in the pool. If they see their toys in the pool, they may be tempted to go into the pool by themselves.