Above-Ground Swimming Pools: Winter Swimming Pool Covers

If you invest in an above-ground swimming pool, you probably want it to last you as long as possible. Owning a pool is mostly fun and games, but it is not all fun and games. To get as many summer seasons out of it as you can, it is absolutely necessary that you properly close it for the winter time. Winterizing your pool is vital in lengthening its life. To properly winterize your pool and make it last a long time, you must purchase a quality winter swimming pool cover. Many people do not know how to tell the difference between a cheap winter pool cover and a quality pool cover, so this article is meant to help you differentiate.

The purpose of a winter swimming pool cover is to keep your pool totally clean during the winter months, and to keep it warm so it doesn’t freeze and crack. With a heavy duty pool cover, debris will not be able to fall into your pool and cause a huge hassle when it comes time to open your pool again in the spring. A solarized winter pool cover will help to keep the water from freezing. So without a quality pool cover for the winter, you will find your pool frozen, cracked, and filthy come spring time.

One of the telling characteristics of a quality pool cover is its weight. It should not be too heavy for you to handle. Quality pool covers are made of the most durable material, yet are still light enough to lift and carry. Make sure that you can lift your pool cover, otherwise you may have trouble when it comes time to clean and store it.

A good quality winter pool cover should have a completely black under side. The black color will help to keep all light out of the pool, and therefore it will prevent any algae from feeding and growing. Algae feeds on light, so keeping light out will keep it from growing. This will help with the opening process in the spring time because it will decrease the amount of cleaning you will have to do.

The pool cover that you are considering should be made of very heavy duty material, and should have a laminated inner scrim. It is best to have wide strips of fabric, because the fewer seams, the fewer spots that are vulnerable to ripping. The material should be coated with a special weather resistant technology because it will be outside for the whole season. If it gets damaged easily by wind and UV rays, it will not last very long.

No matter what size or shape your above-ground swimming pool is, you are likely to find a quality winter pool cover that fits. Having a quality cover over your pool is like having a nice coat on it for the whole winter. Without this necessity, your pool is not likely to survive. So if you wish to spend many more summers splashing around, you should properly winterize your swimming pool by placing a quality winter pool cover on top of it. This will keep it warm and clean during the harsh months.