Above ground winter pool covers

Above-Ground Swimming Pools: Winter Pool Covers

When considering purchasing an above-ground swimming pool, it is easy to get caught up in thoughts of laying out on a hot summer day with a cool drink in your swimming pool. Of course, this is the reason that you want to purchase a swimming pool! But don’t forget that winter will not disappear, and that your pool will need a lot of maintenance in order to prepare for the cold months. Winter can do a number on your pool if you are not fully prepared.

You will need to completely close down your pool for the winter months. Doing so properly will help to lengthen the life of your pool, and it will help you when the time comes to open your pool again! A key part to closing your above-ground swimming pool is a proper winter pool cover. Think of it as a nice, warm, winter coat for your pool. You wouldn’t survive the winter without a jacket, and neither would your swimming pool. So which winter pool cover should you choose? Below is some information to help guide you in this decision.

It is difficult to be able to differentiate between a quality winter pool cover and a cheap one. Typically, quality pool covers have a black underside. This is a telling trait because it blocks out all light, and therefore inhibits the growth of algae in your swimming pool during the winter months. It is also made with a very tight weave which helps to keep out all bacteria, and makes your life easier when the spring time comes around.

Quality pool covers should be lightweight and easy to handle. They should be made of durable material, but if they are heavy, you will not want to be taking it off and putting in on your swimming pool every time you use it. Make sure that you can lift the pool cover that you choose to purchase.

Pool covers should be able to withstand constant UV rays and wind. Therefore, they must be made of the best of the best material. Extra-wide fabric on your pool cover is a good sign of quality because the less seams it has, the less damage is likely to happen. Seams are weaknesses.

You may want to invest in cover clips if you live in a windy area. You do not want your pool cover moving around at all. If it moves, it will let in all the things that it is meant to keep out. Some pool covers already come with cover clips, but some do not. If you notice your pool cover moving about, it is suggested that you purchase some cover clips.

Pool covers will help to lengthen the life of your pool by keeping out bacteria that causes algae, and by keeping out all of the harsh weather. They are essential for your pool to last. So, choose wisely and keep these characteristics in mind when looking at purchasing a pool cover.