Caring for Your Vinyl Swimming Pool Liner

Caring for Your Vinyl Swimming Pool LinerFirst of all, NEVER DRAIN YOUR SWIMMING POOL unless you are replacing the liner. You don’t need to remove the water to clean and care for the liner and you’ll end up ruining it. A ruined pool liner cannot be repaired and your cleaning attempt will result in you having to replace the whole thing! So… don’t drain! Alright, now let’s get to the liner care!

Your pool liner will always need some tender, loving care. This is especially true in the summer months where the excessive heat can be just as hard on the pool liner as it is you! The walls of your liner should be wiped down every week or so with a soft sponge or rag. Pool supply stores also spell cleaning pads made especially for vinyl liners that will do a great job getting the liner as clean as possible. Do not use a rough sponge, pad, or anything with sharp or scratchy edges to clean your liner. Cleaning products are unnecessary when cleaning your liner and can actually cause damage. These chemicals can discolor and/or eat away at your vinyl pool liner and result in your pool needing a complete liner replacement. When wiping down your pool walls, be sure to clean the entire liner. From the top to the bottom, the seams and corners, each part of the liner is important. For the floor of your pool, occasional vacuuming will keep the liner clean and free from debris. If the base of the pool becomes especially dirty or slick, you can always wipe it with a sponge or towel as well.

Aside from cleaning, another essential for maintaining a vinyl pool liner is to care for your pool’s water. Improper chemical levels can cause corrosive effects, stains, calcium buildup, algae, and bacteria growth. A pool’s chlorine and pH levels should be kept from 7.2 – 7.8. Check these levels daily to ensure everyday pool water health. You will also need to check the pool’s chloramine levels on a weekly basis. Other pool water chemical levels, such as the alkalinity, and calcium hardness should be monitored on a monthly basis. Remember, in addition to contributing to a functioning liner, water maintenance is the single most important thing to ensuring that your pool is safe and swimmable at all times.

Unnecessarily having to replace a pool liner due to poor maintenance is time consuming, tedious, and costly. Monitoring and maintaining the correct chemical balances, as well as weekly cleaning, will keep your liner in tip-top shape. If you take proper care of your liner, it will last for 10 or more years.