Chemicals are not a option

"According to the National Swimming Pool Foundation, there are over ten million pools within the U.S. over three-hundred sixty thousands of those pools are open year round". Every pool is different in size, shape, water depth, also whether it’s used year round or just during the summer months or if it’s an indoor or outdoor pool. However there is one thing every pool has in common and it’s the need to keep your pool’s water pristine condition with the appropriate chemicals This is the single most important thing to remember when you have or are in charge of maintaining a pool.

There are endless benefits of why this important to your pool to have the correct chemicals and the correct amounts in your pool.One of the biggest benefits to keeping your water in pristine condition is the health of those who are using the pool. If you think about a pool it could be compared to a giant bathtub where you go to clean your body with soaps and other cleansers. Like a bathtub you want to make sure your pool is clean before, during and after use. By using the correct chemicals you will be sure that your family, friends or anyone who may be swimming in your pool, are swimming in clean water. With clean water they avoid all the dangerous germs that could be ingested. This could lead to serious health problems such as stomach malaise, nausea, diarrhea to just name a few. These sicknesses can simply be avoided by the correct use of pool chemical and regular pool maintenance.

There are many different types of pool chemicals for example sanitizers and oxidizers are just a couple. Sanitizers are used to kill the little things you may not see living in your pool. These things include bacteria, viruses and other micro biocides. Oxidizers dissolve the unwanted human substances in your pool that may get in your pool, for example washed off sunscreen, buggers from noses, urine and more.

"According to The housing it cost on average $200.00 a month at least to maintain an average sized pool in America for a three month period." Just like most things in life such as owning a vehicle normal maintenance is cheaper than replacing or repairing. Pool chemicals are very important to the maintaining a pool process. By simply using the correct type of chemical for your pool you will be successfully getting rid of and preventing microorganism’s bacteria, and algae. These are just a few of the issues with a pool that if not taken care of will turn the maintenance of your pool to a repair. The cost of repairing a pool can be in the thousands of dollars. Chemicals not only keep your water clean it keeps your water pumps from over working themselves, they make the cleaning of your pool less of a time constraint.

Without the use of pool chemicals and regular maintenance your above ground pool liners will no longer be a fun filled activity with your friends and family. Instead your pool will turn into a very expensive, germ infested, algae covered disaster.