Different Styles of Above-Ground Swimming Pools

kw-3Many people hold the misconception that above-ground swimming pools always come in the same, boring, and unattractive style. Years ago, that was the case. But thanks to advancements in technology these days, there are tons of various styles in the market. When looking for an above-ground swimming pool for your backyard, you are now able to choose the shape, depth, width, material, water sanitizing system, and liner color. You can make an above-ground swimming pool look just about any way that you would like to. Here are some of the different choices.

Pool Material
There are four popular materials that make different above-ground swimming pools: plastic, vinyl, aluminum, or galvanized steel. The plastic style is the best option for a family with toddlers or small animal that do not know how to swim. It holds a small amount of water and is not made of high quality plastic. It is just something to bring out of the shed when it gets warm outside for the kids to splash around in. The vinyl swimming pool, on the other hand, can be made very large. It is the most popular because of its simplicity and low price. These days, the vinyl is made from high quality, tear resistant material so it will last 10 to 15 years. The aluminum and galvanized steel swimming pool styles are the best quality, but also the most pricey of the styles. They are a little bit more difficult to assemble to begin with, but they will last around 20 years with little to no repair needed. This is a good option for anyone looking for a more permanent set up who has a higher budget to work with.

Pool Shape
A few years ago, the only shape that above-ground swimming pools were available in was round. Now they come in oval, round, or rectangular. Different shapes fit different preferences. If your backyard is narrow, you may want to go with the rectangular shaped swimming pool. The oval swimming pools are good for those who want a little bit more swimming room in their pool. If you like the classic, round shaped swimming pool, there are ways to make that flow with your landscape as well. The choice is yours.

Water Sanitizing System
The most popular system for cleaning pool water has always been Chlorine based, but that is starting to change. Chlorine kills bacteria very efficiently, but it is also harsh on swimmers. Those with sensitive eyes often do not swim in pools with Chlorine because it burns. Instead of skipping out on swimming, you can now use salt water to cleanse the water in your pool. This does the job just as well as Chlorine chemicals, but it is not harsh for humans. There are also systems that use contact solution to clean the pool water. The alternate cleansing options are just a little bit more pricey.

You now have a lot of liberty in choosing the details of your swimming pool. Enjoy!