Easy ways to save, when you own a swimming pool

Owning a swimming pool is a wonderful way to invest in your families happiness as well as a great way to boost the value of your home, but owning and maintaining a swimming pool of any size is very expensive. In this economy Americans are always looking for different ways to save as much money as they can to avoid cutting out the things they love to do and enjoy. A swimming pool supplies is a perfect example of this. There are several ways that you can cut the costs of owning and maintaining your swimming pool, so that you never have to live a summer season without the use of your swimming pool.

First you could make sure to evaluate how you store your pool’s cleaning tools when they are not in use. One of the most commonly replaced tools is your pool vacuum because when not in use people tend to store them with the bristles down. This will cause your vacuum to wear out or break faster. Swimming pool vacuums can cost anywhere from one-hundred to three-hundred dollars. Another great way to save money would to get accustomed to planning ahead and buying your pool chemicals out of season, and in large quantities. This just like buying a swimming suit after the summer season. You will be able to get tremendous discounts and be well on your way to savings for the next swimming season. You can also educate yourself about your swimming pool’s correct chemical needs and the right amounts. This knowledge will ensure that you never waste your chemicals through inadvertent overuse since the are very expensive.

Smartphone applications are a great money saving tool that can teach you the chemical needs of your swimming pool. Smartphones have applications that allow you to diagnose what is wrong with your swimming pool. There are even applications that can teach you the correct process of closing your swimming pool at the end of the season. Without the cost of hiring a pricey professional that could charge you hundreds of dollars.

By replacing a few existing items like your traditional pool cover with a solar cover you can save money. The solar cover will help store the heat from that hot sunny day, over night. Then on days were you may not use your swimming pool the solar cover will attract the heat from the sun. By saving the heat from the sun the solar cover will decrease the need of your gas pool heater.

The purchase of a robot cleaner is overall a great investment for your swimming pool. The robot cleaner is a small self-maintained filtering unit that will clean the bottom, and sides of your pool faster then you ever could. The robot collects unwanted debris, all while filtering the water in your swimming pool. The robot is a great way to avoid constantly running your pool’s filtering system.

These are just a few ideas that you can consider when trying to save money on your swimming pool, without giving up the fun your family and friends have in your backyard during swimming season.