Heating Above-Ground Pools in an Eco-Friendly Manner

Many people purchase an above-ground swimming pool in hopes to find an entertaining and relaxing way to beat the heat. At times, the summer heat can be unbearable on our bodies, but still not be enough to keep our pool’s water warm. Pool owners find this frustrating and expensive. It seems ironic to be paying for a water heater to run in order for you to cool off. Keeping a water heater running can cost way too much money, and in this economy, that is the last thing that families need. In order to keep the pool water warm enough to swim in without paying a fortune every month, pool owners are starting to purchase solar water heaters. Luckily, saving money and saving the environment go hand in hand. With a solar panel heater for your swimming pool, you will help to save resources by using the energy from the sun. This is just one benefit added onto all of the advantages that come along with owning a solar heater.

One of the concerns that pool owners often have about solar heaters is the installation cost. It does save money in the long run, but many people do not have enough money to spend a whole lot on the installation. Fortunately, you do not need to break the bank in order to install a solar heater. There are options available that cost less, such as the Sunheater Solar Heating System for only 200 dollars. The less expensive options often require you to install it yourself, but will come with instructions to help you get the job done.

Folks are also concerned that the solar panels may have to be replaced too often because they will not last a long time. Years ago, this was the case, but thanks to advancements in recent technology, solar panels will last a very long time. You will undoubtedly save loads of money, regardless of replacing the solar panels every once in a while. Due to the popularity of solar heating, it is easy to find solar panels when needed. You will not need to get them custom made; you can just jump online and order them easily.

Solar panel heating systems save money, save the environment, and they last a long time! The only disadvantage to owning one of these heating systems is the fact that you cannot adjust the heat whenever you desire. Because they are solar powered, they only work on the energy that they receive from the sun. They do not have an unlimited amount of energy to use to heat your pool. When you have this kind of heating system, you don’t have as much freedom with the temperature of the pool.

Other than the lack of exact temperature control, solar panel heating systems are great for the environment, and also great for any family that is looking to save money on their monthly energy bill. The installation cost is a little bit more, but you are sure to save money in the long run when receiving energy from the sun.