How to Build A Deck for Your Above-Ground Swimming Pool

how to build a deck for your above-ground swimming poolAn above-ground swimming pool is a great addition to any backyard. It will automatically make any party or get-together way more fun for everyone involved. Or maybe you just want it to help you to relax on a hot summer day. Either way, it is guaranteed to bring some fun to your home! However, there is one down side to owning an above-ground pool. Being that it is above the ground, it is difficult for small children or elderly folks to climb in and out of. Even with a ladder, there is a high risk of injury with people who have a hard time, physically.

As a solution to the danger problem of climbing in and out of an above-ground pool, many people build decks around their pool to provide more safety to every kind of swimmer who may be utilizing their pool. In addition to the safety that it brings, building a deck is not even too difficult of a job for you to do on your own. You’ll just need a few materials, some time on your hands, and these directions to get you on your way to a safe pool environment.

First, you will need to plan out what shape, how high, and all of the details about your deck. Draw out a diagram to help you remember exactly what it is that you are attempting to achieve. After making a precise plan, you will want to make sure that you have the following items to start your task:

  • Pressure treated stair slats, 2×6 or 2×8
  • Deck anchors, however many you will need according to your plan
  • A box of 2 and a half inch treated deck screws
  • Galvanized strong tie connectors. These will assist you in connecting the sections of your deck
  • Two stair stringers. Five to seven steps.
  • Pressure treated 4×4′s, however many you will need according to your plan
  • Pressure-treated 2×4′s, however many you will need according to your plan
  • Optional lattice to surround the deck
  • A tape measure
  • A circular saw with a brand new blade
  • A level
  • A power drill with a screwdriver bit

*Pine or Redwood works well for decks. Make sure to purchase extra of whichever you choose. You will be using it for your floor and your railing. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

The deck should be built in sections of about 8 feet long and 4 feet wide. Measure and cut the 2×4′s and the 4×4′s.The 2×4′s will be used for the frame and the support braces.

Measure and cut the floor slats. Set them to the side for now.

For the first section, with two screws, connect the frame at the corner. After you have finished the frame for that section, then you will attach the floor slats. Move onto the next section.

Next, level the ground where you will be placing the deck. Then place the deck anchors according to your plan.

Place the deck frame on the anchors. You will need more than one person for this part.

Attach the stringers where you want the stairs, 36 inches apart. Place the step slats across the stringers and nail them down.

Place 2×4′s on the edge of the deck upright for the railing. Place more 2×4′s across the top of these. Place more 5 inches above the deck.

Once you’re done building your deck, stain it with a good waterproof stain and enjoy!