How to Clean Above-Ground Swimming Pool Water

Above-ground pools are a great deal of fun for the hot summer months! Your backyard is the attraction of the neighborhood, as everyone wants to cool off from the heat. However, if your water is noticeably dirty, nobody will want to swim in your pool. It will totally rain on your parade. So, you need to keep your water completely clean for swimmers. If it is not clean, it can cause infections of the eyes, ears, nose, throat, etc. Here are some tips to keep your water clean, and to keep the swimmers excited to take a dip in your pool.

Buy a Quality Pool Cover

A pool cover is what protects your above-ground swimming pool from the cold weather, dirt, grass, leaves, and other debris. Its job is important, so you will want to purchase one that does the best. Good quality swimming pool covers are made of extremely sturdy materials, yet they are lightweight and easy to handle. They should have a black underside to keep out any light that algae may feed on. You should also purchase cover clips to ensure that your cover will stay where its planted even on very windy days. Having a good, quality swimming pool cover will aid dramatically in the cleanliness of your above-ground swimming pool.

Test the Water in Your Pool Regularly

Chlorine levels and pH balance will not stay where they are supposed to be on their own. You must check and maintain the chemical balance in your pool weekly. This is possible with your pool test kit, which comes with all the necessary materials to keep the chemicals in your pool level at all times. The pH balance measures the alkalinity in your water. It should not drop below 7.0 and should not go above 8.0. If it does, it could mean that your water is acidic and could cause pain to your swimmers. Too much or too little Chlorine is also dangerous for swimmers with sensitive eyes. It is extremely important to the cleanliness and safety of your pool that you keep the chemicals balanced.

Keep an Eye on Your Filter Pump

You must check your filter pump regularly to ensure that it is doing its job of cleaning out all unwanted debris from your swimming pool. If there is an unusual amount of dirt and leaves in your pool, either the pool cover has not been secured or the filter is not doing its job. If you keep your filter running properly, you should not have a problem with visibly dirty water. This is important.

In addition to these three steps to cleanliness, you will also need to make sure to vacuum your pool at least once or twice a week, and use a pool net to remove unwanted floating debris. It is also recommended that you scrub the sides of your pool to remove any buildup. Keeping your pool clean and attractive is a tough job, but it is worth it as it will be a safe environment for all to swim in and enjoy.