How to Clean an Above-Ground Swimming Pool

How to Clean an Above-Ground PoolAbove-ground swimming pools are a wonderful way to refresh yourself during the summer months. They can aid in parties, or just relaxing by yourself. However, owning such a luxury also comes with great responsibility, such as cleaning your above-ground swimming pool thoroughly. There are various cleaning jobs that need to be done in and around your swimming pool. Here are some helpful tips to get you on your way to a beautiful, clear, and clean above-ground swimming pool.

To keep your pool in good shape, it is necessary to remove any unwanted to debris floating around, such as dirt, bugs, and leaves. These things must be cleaned out whenever they are noticed. Vacuuming and scrubbing your pool are also needed on a regular basis. Even if you have an automatic cleaner, vacuuming is still essential. It must be done at least once or twice a week, depending on how much you use your swimming pool. Especially during windy days, these cleaning chores need to be taken care of.

Scrubbing the exterior with a brush designated for the material of your pool should happen after vacuuming is finished. Scrub all over, including the outside of the pool (ladder, steps, etc.) with a stiff brush. This will help to get any debris that has stuck to the sides of your pool.

Once every couple of weeks, you should shock your pool. This will get rid of any harmful bacteria that swimming has left behind. You can find pool-shocking chemicals at any pool specialty store.

It is very important to always keep an eye on the filter of the pool. If you are constantly keeping up with chores as they come, it will help you to not have to fix damages as often. Always make sure that the pump is working and you must have the pool cover securely set on top of your pool whenever it is not in use. Empty the skimmer basket regularly, and have your pool inlet valves pointed at an angle . It helps to keep the water from being still.

Cleaning the inside of your pool regularly is crucial, but around your pool also must be cleaned in order to maintain the good shape of your pool. Sweep all around the pool including decks and sidewalks to keep the leaves and dirt on them from blowing into the above-ground pool. The better you take care of the area around your pool, the less time you will have to spend vacuuming and scrubbing your pool. It will leave you more time to enjoy the oasis!

As mentioned, the joy of owning a pool is great fun, but it does come with responsibilities of keeping the pool in great shape. If the pool is not cleaned properly, it leaves your swimmers at a risk for many different infections, including intestinal, ear, and eye infections. To keep those swimming in your pool healthy, you must take proper care of your pool to keep the cleanliness at its best!