How to Decorate an Above-Ground Swimming Pool

above-1Above-ground swimming pools can be the source of all of your summer fun this upcoming season. They provide an entertaining or relaxing way to the beat the sweltering summer heat. Owning an above-ground swimming pool will also help with making friends with the neighborhood, as it automatically becomes everyone’s destination when it is hot outside. You no longer have to worry about entertaining your guests if you have a backyard oasis like this one. So why doesn’t everyone own an above-ground swimming pool in their backyard? There is a misconception that these pools are always unattractive and that they do not flow with backyard landscaping. If you are one who believes this to be true, here are some different options to open your mind and see that above-ground swimming pools can be beautiful with the right decorations.

One of the easiest ways to transform your above-ground swimming pool is by using a beautifully colored liner. These days, there are numerous shades and colors available in the pool liner market, so you are able to choose about any look that you would like. Pool liners kill two birds with one stone by making your pool look great and protecting it at the same time. When owning a pool, having a pool liner is necessary so you might as well pick the best looking liner out there. Above-ground swimming pool liners do not only come in various colors, but also a ton of different materials. The traditional material is vinyl, but now you can buy a pool liner that makes your pool’s interior look like it is made of stone or ceramic. There are also pool liners that make an illusion. The most popular liners for children are the coral reef and tropical lagoon liners. These have multiple colors and leave the bottom of your swimming pool looking like it is covered in ocean creatures like starfish. Children absolutely love this choice! If kids are your main audience, this might be the best choice for you.

If a colorful swimming pool liner does not fit your preference, you also have the option of building a beautiful wooden deck around the perimeter of your pool. This not only provides a modern look, but it also helps to ensure safety. Building a deck around your pool can help to make it look more unique. There are various options in types of wood and layouts for a deck, so if this is your preference, you have many different choices.

For those looking to transform the look of their above-ground swimming pool while adding a whole lot of fun, there is the option of installing a pool slide! These come in tons of different looks, materials, and sizes, but they are all guaranteed to be a blast. Whether you are entertaining kids or adults, the slide will be used. There are even inflatable pool slides that can simply be taken down whenever you do not want it there.

There are many options for transforming the look of your pool. Above-ground swimming pools do not have to be boring and unattractive. Install one of the above options and see for yourself.