How to Install a Liner for an Above-Ground Swimming Pool

above-ground swimming pools changing a beaded linerWhen you invest in an above-ground swimming pool, you probably want it to last as long as possible. You want to spend as many summers as you can out by the pool, splashing around and soaking up the sun. However, your pool will probably not last very long if you do not take proper care of it. When you own a swimming pool, it is important that you do regular maintenance such as vacuuming, scrubbing, chemical balancing, and repairing. All of these are important tasks, but one of the most vital things you can do for your swimming pool is install a quality liner. Without a liner, the interior or your pool will not have any protection and will be subject to holes, rips, and cracks very quickly. A liner protects the interior of your pool, and must be maintained. Unfortunately, liners do wear out, so you will probably have to replace it a few times within the life span of your pool. Here are some tips to help you with the installation of a new swimming pool liner!

1. Lay the liner out in the sun.
Before you start the process, you will want to unroll the new liner and lay it out in the sun so that it warms up while you are draining water and removing the old liner. It should be laying out in the sun for at least an hour. The heat will help it to stretch to the size of your pool easily.

2. Drain the pool water.
While your new liner is soaking up the sun, you should begin draining the water from your pool. It may take a while, but you want all of the water to be gone.

3. Remove accessories.
After there is not any water left in your pool, you should remove all of the accessories from the inside of your pool. This includes the ladder, the handrails, the skimmer plates, etc. The inside of your pool should be bare.

4. Take the old liner off.
In order to remove the old liner, you will want to get a sharp knife and cut the liner into small pieces. This will make it easier to peel off.

5. Clean the bottom of the pool.
After removing the old liner, you should remove any and all debris from the bottom of the pool. If there are damages spots, repair them. If there are uneven spots, sand them down. There should not be anything left in your pool once you are done cleaning. It should look spotless.

6. Install the new liner.
Although it is a simple task, you should probably ask a few friends to help you in order to make sure that you install the liner evenly around the pool. It should stick to the interior of the pool. Do not worry about wrinkles; they leave wiggle room in case the weather changes. Just spread the liner out evenly and fill the pool up with water! Once your liner is secure and your pool is full, feel free to jump in.