How to open your above ground pool

how to close your above-ground swimming pool for the winterAbove-ground swimming pools provide tons of entertainment and relaxation, but owning one comes along with a lot of responsibilities. You must take proper care of your swimming pool in order for it to last as long as it is meant to. If you do not clean and maintain your pool, it will hold dangerous bacteria and is always at risk for breaking. One of the ways to properly care for your pool is to open it the right way when summer comes around. Below are the steps that must be taken during the opening process of your above-ground swimming pool.

Remove, Clean, and Store the Pool Cover
There should be a winter pool cover on your swimming pool when you go to open it back up. This was there to keep it warm and clean during the cold months. During the summer, this is no longer needed, so you can remove it. Make sure to get all debris and dirt off of the cover with some cleaner, and let it dry completely before you put it in storage. If it is wet or gets wet while in storage, it can get severely damaged, so store it in a safe and dry place for swimming season.

Reconnect the Pump and Filter
Your pump and filter should have been unplugged and disconnected during the winter. They were not needed because the pool was not being used. Now you will need to plug them back in and get them running properly.

Fill the Pool With Water
During the winter season, the water in your pool was drained below the skimmer to prevent anything from freezing over and cracking. When opening your pool, you can fill your pool back up with water.

Clean the Pool Thoroughly
After you have filled the pool back up with water, you will want to make it squeaky clean. In the case that any germs or debris snuck into the pool during the winter, you will need to first scrub the sides of your pool to remove any build up. Then you will want to remove any floating grass, leaves, etc. with a pool net. After that, you should vacuum the entire pool thoroughly, leaving nothing but clean water.

Let it Run for 24 Hours
You should let your pool run for 24 hours before you jump in, because everything needs to get back in its regular groove. Let the pool sort things out and get used to being on again.

Check the pH balance
After your pool has been running for 24 hours, it should be back to normal, but make sure to check your pH balance before getting in. You do not want to get in when the water is too acidic. That could be dangerous, so be cautious. After you have taken all of the necessary steps in opening your above-ground swimming pool, you are free to jump in and splash around! You can rest assured that you have a clean pool to help you beat the heat.