How to Winterize an Above-Ground Swimming Pool

When you invest in a backyard oasis like an above-ground swimming pool, you probably want it to last for many summer seasons. You can just picture yourself floating on top of the cool water and soaking up the sun. The fun times are the reason that customers purchase above-ground swimming pools, but there is also a lot of responsibility involved. In order to keep your pool up and running for as long as possible, you must take the proper actions. You will need to do things like chemical balancing, vacuuming, and maintaining the filter system. This article will focus on the process of winterizing your above-ground pool. Follow the steps listed below to properly prepare your pool for the harsh winter weather.

Remove summer pool cover
The first thing that you should do is take off the pool cover and clean it thoroughly. Find a safe and dry place to store it during the winter season. Make sure that it it completely dry before you store it. If it gets wet, it may be damaged when you go to get it out of storage.

Clean, clean, clean
After storing the pool cover, you should clean your entire pool. Start by scrubbing the sides of the pool to remove any build up. Then use a pool net to sweep out all of the floating debris. You will then need to vacuum the bottom of your pool so that there is nothing left in your pool except clean water. Any debris that you leave in your pool will be in there all winter long, so make sure to get it all out.

Balance the chemicals
Now that you have removed all of the debris, you can get rid of the remaining bacteria with chemicals. Check your pH balance and Calcium amount to make sure that the chemicals are doing their job correctly. After balancing everything, you should shock your entire pool with shocking chemicals.

Drain the water
In order to keep parts of your pool from freezing and cracking, you should drain your water to a couple of inches below the skimmer line. This will prevent the water from sneaking away and causing damage. Then remove the skimmer plate and put a skimmer plug on it for safety measures.

Purchase a winter pool cover
After you have finished cleaning, balancing, and draining, you can now put the cover on the pool and rest until spring time. However, in order to have assured safety, you will need to have a quality winter pool cover for the cold months. This will not only keep the debris and bacteria out of your swimming pool, but it will keep it warm! The thick and often solarized material will prevent your pool water from freezing over, and therefore make spring opening a whole lot easier. Use cover clips to secure your pool cover in its place.

After taking all of the necessary steps, you can focus on keeping yourself warm and wait for the summer months so you can jump in your clean and safe pool!