Maintaining Your Pool During the Hot Summer Months

Mandatory Maintenance of Above-Ground Swimming Pools

Above-ground swimming pools have many advantages, such as their low price and their portability, that attract customers to purchasing them. However, a common misconception about these swimming pools is that they are easier to take care of. They take just as much work, if not more, as an in-ground swimming pool. They can be the source of a lot of fun, but also hours of hard work. It is important to recognize the work that you will be putting into your pool as you are considering your purchase.

As seasons change, you will need to keep up with your swimming pool. Extra vacuuming, scrubbing, and shocking will need to be done each time you open and close your pool, along with many other chores.

Aside from seasonal cleaning, you will need to service your sand filter once every couple of years. The sand filter is in charge of cleaning out all of the smaller debris that the vacuum or pool net may not have picked up. So, this needs to be cleaned out to assure the cleanliness of your entire pool.

A valve will also need to be checked regularly to make certain that the pressure is exactly where it is supposed to be. If it is not, then you will need to do the necessary chores to get it to that point, like rinsing and backwashing.

Most above-ground swimming pools are made with vinyl walls. If you use your pool a lot in the sun, which you probably will, then the vinyl wears out rather quickly. It fades easily and also is subject to rips and tears. If the vinyl lining is taken care of properly, it will help to extend its life. Taking proper care of vinyl means scrubbing it on a regular basis with a firm brush to prevent build-up of residue, and protecting it from the cold to prevent cracks during the winter time. Algae may start to grow on the vinyl if it is not cleaned regularly.

Since vinyl is not the absolute strongest material, you are likely to get a hole or two during the lifetime of your swimming pool. You cannot swim with a hole in your pool, obviously, so this will require some work from you. Luckily, it is not a tough job to do yourself as long as the hole is not giant. You can find a patch kit at any pool specialty store and repair the hole so you can get back to enjoying the water.

Typically, people with above-ground pools build a deck around their pool to make it easier for their swimmers to get in and out. This deck also requires maintenance, as it does start to deteriorate after a few years. If you put a wood sealer all over your deck every couple of years, it may help to expand the lifetime.

Above-ground pools require just as much hard work as in-ground pools, but they are also just as fun! Hard work will make your above-ground pool last longer, and help you to enjoy swimming in it summer after summer.