Opening an Above-Ground Swimming Pool

Opening an Above-Ground Swimming PoolAre you ready to open your above-ground swimming pool? Have you been waiting for all the cold days to be over so you can take a dip in the water? If it is warm where you’re at, then it is time to open that pool! But first, you must take the necessary precautions for the cleanliness of your pool and for the safety of all who will enjoy your pool.

First Step: Prepare for the Opening of your Above-Ground Pool

Before opening your pool for the summer months, you should replace your pool’s filter sand if it is has not been replaced for more than two seasons. Once the filter sand has been replaced with new sand, you should then attach the pump and filter to the pool. They should have been removed for the winter, but it is time to reattach them! Another preparatory step in order to open your pool is to clean and store your pool’s winter cover. In order to properly store the winter cover, you must remove all the water floating atop the cover with a pump, which can be attached to any old garden hose. After removing all water, get rid of any debris such as dirt, leaves, or grass and clean the cover thoroughly. Then, you must store the winter cover in a cool, safe, and dry place for the whole summer.

Second step: Clean your Pool Thoroughly

You will then need to remove any leaves, dirt, grass, or trash from the inside of the pool with a net. Make sure you do this slowly, because if it is done too quickly, the dirt will spread in the pool instead of being picked up by the net. If you do not get all of the dirt, don’t worry. It can be vacuumed away.

Third Step: Fill your Pool with Water

It is generally recommended that you keep water in your pool over the winter time. This is because the water helps to keep the pool cover from sinking, and also holds the shape of the entire pool. That being said, you should already have water in your pool when you go to fill it. You should fill the pool with water all the way to the rim. This should take a while, depending on how big your pool is. From this point, you will add any cleaning chemicals to your pool as needed. Typically, you will add a pool shock, a pH balance, algaecides, etc. The instructions for these chemicals will come with them. Some will be inserted directly into the pool, some will not. Read the instructions properly.

After inserting chemicals, you should then turn on the filter and vacuum any leftover debris. You will want to wait a little while and allow the pool to circulate and get everything running properly again. Once the pool is clean and the filter is running, enjoy a nice swim in the warm weather! Relax in knowing that you have a squeaky-clean pool!