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Above Ground Pool Chemicals

A functional filtration system will usually do a great job of keeping your pool water clean, but proper pool maintenance requires implementation of certain chemicals to keep your pool water truly clean and safe. Pool chemicals such as hypochlorite solutions, which are chlorine based, are often used to kill off potentially harmful pathogens or microorganisms that can thrive in untreated pool water.

Important Facts about Above Ground Pool Chemicals

It is important to know that a balance between the levels of chorine based chemicals, your pool water, and other chemicals is crucial. Fortunately, the chemistry behind using chlorine to disinfect public water supplies has evolved since its introduction in the early 1900’s into a safe and regulated science. With Chlorine based pool chemicals from Nationwide Pools, you can be confident in the cleanliness and safeness of your pool.

Pool Chemicals from Nationwide Pools

Algae growth can also be a common occurrence in swimming pools with poor circulation and low levels of disinfectant, and seasonal factors can also affect your bacteria levels. Using Algaesides, pool shock, or Winter Kits from Nationwide Pools can help keep the unwanted bacteria and algae out of your pool, so you can stay in. A pool chemical starter kit is also available from our online store.

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