Pool Covers

One of the smartest ways to get the most out of your swimming pool is to invest in a quality pool cover. Pool covers can serve several different functions, the most obvious of which is keeping your pool clean! Rain, wind, debris, and dust can turn your crystal waters into a muddy mess. Covering the pool when not in use means that you can spend your weekends swimming instead of cleaning! Pool covers also allow pools to retain heat, conserve water, and maintain their chemical balance more easily than uncovered pools. Not to mention, they can also keep out the nighttime creepy crawlers! In addition to these advantages, different types of pool covers offer additional functions. Nationwide Pools offers four types of covers to meet the needs of your backyard oasis!

Above Ground Solar Covers: These covers are made of a material that attracts and traps the sun’s rays to warm your pool.
Above Ground Winter Covers and In Ground Winter Covers: These sturdy covers protect your pool from the elements throughout the harsh non-swimming season. They are made of durable material as wells as cable and ratchet systems to secure the covers.
Safety Covers: While other covers protect your pool, this cover protects your family from accident. Our durable safety covers are light weight, but extremely strong and long-lasting.