Pool Liner Repair

sandstone-3How to Repair an Above-Ground Swimming Pool Liner
What a nice idea it is to own an above-ground swimming pool! I bet you can see yourself floating on top of water and soaking up the sun. Having a swimming pool in your backyard is definitely a luxury, but it is also a responsibility. To keep your pool safe and clean, you must put a lot of work and time into it. One of the things that helps to keep your pool safe is the liner. It protects the interior and sides of the pool, so it is a necessity if you want your pool to be smooth and comfortable, and also last a long time. Most people go with the vinyl liner because it is rather easy to install and it is relatively inexpensive. However, vinyl is not the most durable of materials and often times will stretch and rip due to changes in the weather. So, you must not only have a pool liner to protect your pool, but you must also know how to replace it when it gets damaged.

If your liner looks discolored…

The sun and harsh chemicals that are always hitting the pool liner can cause some wear and tear. Your pool liner will often wind up discolored and looking old. To prevent this problem, you should keep a pool cover over your pool whenever it is not being used, and do not use as many harsh chemicals. You can try using something like a salt water sanitizing system instead of Chlorine to expand the life of your pool liner. But if it is too late to prevent it, if the damage has already been done, you will need to replace your pool liner. There is no way to take discoloration out of your pool liner; you will just have to get a brand new one.

If your liner is leaking…

A leaking pool liner is a very common problem for pool owners. If you have noticed that you are filling up your swimming pool with water a lot more than you usually do, you probably have a leak. To figure out where your leak is coming from, turn your filter off and put some drops of food coloring near the edges of your pool. Wherever you notice the dyed water flowing towards is where your leak is. Now all you need to do is patch up the spot with a liner repair kit, which can be found at any pool specialty store if it did not initially come with your pool.

If your liner does not fit correctly…

Over time, your pool liner may wind up being off-centered, and appear as though it does not fit anymore. There is a solution to this! First, you will want to drain all of the water from your pool, and then apply heat to the area that does not fit, maybe with a blow dryer. Applying heat will allow the liner to stretch. After it has sucked in enough heat, stretch it back to where it is supposed to be and fill your pool with water again!

If you do not repair liner damages as they come, they may get worse and you may not be able to repair them at all. So keep an eye on your pool liner and fix problems as they occur.