Proper Care for an Above-Ground Swimming Pool

how to purchase the best above-ground swimming poolAbove-ground swimming pools are a great addition to any backyard. Having one of these additions will provide entertainment for the whole family, or maybe even the whole neighborhood! When it gets hot enough outside, everybody enjoys beating the heat by splashing around in cool water. However, in order to make this dream a reality, you must first take proper care of your swimming pool. Owning an above-ground pool comes along with lots of responsibilities and hours of hard work. Here are some tips to make this process easier for you, and to keep your pool running properly for the entire summer.

1. Keep a pool cover over your swimming pool.
This sounds so simple, but it is absolutely mandatory in maintaining the cleanliness of your pool water. Having a cover on it will help to keep out all unwanted debris and bacteria, which will keep your pool clean but it will also prevent your filter from running overtime or getting clogged. When your pool is cleaner, it also consumes less chemicals. To ensure even more cleanliness, it is best to get a pool cover with a black underside. The black color keeps all light out of the pool, and therefore stops algae from growing in your pool. So whenever possible, keep a heavy duty pool cover over the top of your swimming pool. It is extremely important.

2. Monitor the chemicals in your pool.
In order to keep your swimmers safe from harmful and infectious bacteria, it is important that the chemicals in your pool are balanced. This means keeping the right amount of Chlorine in your pool to kill the germs, and checking the pH balance regularly. If the chemicals are off in your water, swimmers may be burned by overly acidic water, or may get infections from the bacteria. Make sure that your chemicals are doing what they are supposed to be doing. If the balance is not right where it is supposed to be, then it is most likely causing more harm than good.

3. Make sure your pump and filter are running properly.
The pump and filter system work together to circulate the water and remove all unwanted debris. If they are not working the way that they should be, then your water could possibly be stagnant and holding tons of harmful germs. Make sure to clean out your filter when needed, and have the pump running at the correct speed. You should also have the right size pump for your pool, otherwise it will not do its job. Large pools need large pumps, while small pools need small pumps. Have the right pump and keep the system working properly.

4. Manually clean your pool regularly.
In addition to making sure your automatic cleaners are doing their job, like the chemicals and the pump, you must use your hands to clean your pool as well. Scrubbing the sides, sweeping out debris, and vacuuming the bottom are necessary chores to keep your pool in its best condition.

If you follow these steps to take proper care of your pool, you will enjoy many more summers cooling off in your backyard oasis.