Quality Above-Ground Swimming Pool Filters

Guide to buying an above-ground swimming poolHaving a good filter for your above-ground pool is absolutely essential all year long. Without a filter that does its job correctly, the water in your swimming pool will likely be visibly dirty, which will cause swimmers to refrain from getting in it. The whole reason to purchase an above-ground swimming pool is to have a great time in the right season! But if your filter doesn’t work, it can ruin that good time very quickly with cloudy or even green water. Below are some tips to help you in your journey of finding the best possible above-ground swimming pool filter.

If you buy the cheap, off-brand swimming pool filters, they are likely to break and once they break, it is very difficult to find the parts to fix it. There are two very reliable above-ground pool filters that will be examined in this article, both of which are Hayward filters. The reason that this brand is recommended is that their filters come with parts that are available all the time. You will not have to worry about your filter breaking and not being able to find the right parts to fix it. Hayward has its parts available in most pool or plumbing stores.

The first swimming pool filter is the Hayward EC40AC Perflex Extended Cycle Above-Ground Pool D.E. Filter. This is an incredible pool filter, as it can remove unwanted particles as small as 1 micron! It is by far the most efficient pool filter on the market as far as removing dirt and other debris, regardless of how small. One of the unique things about this filter is that its tank is corrosion-resistant. Despite its advanced function, it is super easy to install and maintain. Winterizing your filter is a breeze with this choice. It will filter as much as 20 square feet. It is truly a remarkable above-ground swimming pool filter.

Next is the Hayward S180T Pro Series 18-inch Top Mount Pool Sand Filter. This is your typical pool filter, but with great efficiency. It will provide years and years of quality filtration without you having to do hardly any work on it! It is perfect for any busy family. Its tank is also corrosion proof, and it provides a very thorough and even filtration and water flow. This choice requires very little energy and time to go through a filtration cycle and will therefore save you money in electricity bills and chemical expenses!

These two Hayward filters have different benefits, but will both give you an extremely clean pool for years. They are reliable, easy to install, and incredibly thorough. On top of owning a quality filtration system for your swimming pool, you will also need to make sure and vacuum your pool weekly, scrub the sides, use a pool net to remove debris, and balance the chemicals in order to keep your pool’s cleanliness at its best. However, owning a filter like the Hayward options will help you out a whole lot with these tedious chores.