Repair Holes in the Above Ground Swimming Pool

steps to installing an above-ground poolAbove-ground swimming pools are a great way to beat the heat, but they do have a downfall. Unfortunately, they do not last as long as an in-ground swimming pool, and after time, they require more repairs. If you were to get a hole in your swimming pool, the pool would leak until it is fixed. But there is good news! A hole in an above-ground swimming pool does not take too long to fix, and you can even do it yourself! Below are some ways to help you in your quest to fix your broken swimming pool.

If you have a hole in your swimming pool, you have a few options. Most pool specialty stores sell patch kits for you to patch up the whole on your own, very quickly. The only problem is that, most times, the vinyl that these pool stores sells is very thin and may break soon after the repair. So, if thin material does not suit your fancy, you can try contacting the company that you bought your pool from, to see if they will send you a patch made of what your pool is made of. In this case, you can just purchase that and patch your hole up, no problem!

Often times, you will not even need to go further than the box that your pool was delivered in! Pool companies sometimes include a patch kit in your purchase because they know that having an above-ground swimming pool puts you at risk for holes. If the hole in your pool is too big for the patch kit that they have gifted you though, you can always try the options listed above.

If it is the case that you have to buy a patch kit and repair the hole yourself, make sure you buy a good, thick piece of vinyl. It will need to be big enough to cover your hole and have an entire inch around the hole. You will then use vinyl glue to repair the hole and clean up any excess glue!

This procedure can be used regardless of where the hole is (bottom or sides), just make sure that the patch is placed securely around the hole, and keep an eye on it to make sure that it does not start to leak again.

It is recommended that you drain your pool before doing the hole repair, but if that is too inconvenient, you can still get it done. Just do not let any water on the inside of the patch, by folding it in half and then quickly applying it to the damage.

So, if you have a hole in your swimming pool, no worries! You can fix it easily by yourself. There are always cases in which the hole is too big to patch (in which case you may have to repair the entire lining of your pool), but if your hole is not too big, then you are set! You are now officially a handyman! Good luck!