Safety for Above-Ground Swimming Pools

fencing for your above-ground swimming poolHaving your very own swimming pool in your backyard is a source for a great time. It provides entertainment, relaxation, and a social environment for everyone in the neighborhood. Everyone loves to beat the sweltering summer heat by jumping in a cool swimming pool and splashing around for a while. However, this party can be ruined quickly if injuries occur. That is why it is important to keep your pool at its very safest for your swimmers if you want to keep your pool occupied. Here are some fantastic ways to increase the safety of your above-ground swimming pool.

The very first thing that you should purchase with your swimming pool in regards to safety is a heavy duty pool cover. Not only will this help to keep your pool clean, but it will also keep children from falling into the pool without supervision. Most pool covers are too heave for children to lift, so they will aid in prevention of drowning. After you have placed the pool cover over your swimming pool securely, you should install a fence around the perimeter of your pool with a self closing gate. This is the most important part of keeping your swimming pool safe. If you do not have a fence all the way around the pool, small children and animals are likely to wander into the area. Keep your pool safe by purchasing a pool cover and installing a fence.

These things provide a good amount of security, but as you know, children are smart and can often overcome the obstacles that we put in their way. This has cause manufacturers to come up with high tech security for above-ground swimming pools. It is recommended that in addition to the fence and the pool cover, you install one of these systems in order to provide maximum security.

The most effective and high tech security system available these days is the water surface motion sensors. It is a battery operated machine that floats on top of your pool water and senses any person entering the pool. If someone enters the swimming pool without you knowing, an alarm will sound to tell you to go and help. In the case that a child gets past the fence and is able to lift the pool cover, this device will sound an alarm at their entering.

There are also motion sensors that you can place at the gate of your fence to sound an alarm whenever anyone enters the pool outside of your knowledge. This will help you to be there before they enter the pool. It is recommended that you install both the motion sensors at the gate and the water surface motion sensors in the pool. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

In order to keep the party going safely at your pool, and to keep it as the neighborhood attraction, you should install all the precautions listed above to keep everyone safe in and around your pool. Too many lives have been lost because of unprepared pool owners. Do not be one of these people.