Should I Get a Ladder for My Above Ground Swimming Pool?

Should I Get a Ladder for My Above Ground Swimming PoolThe answer is… YES, of course! Ladders allow for a safe entrance to, and exit from, your above ground pool. Entering a pool by hopping over the wall’s edge, or using a chair/step stool on the inside or outside of the pool can cause pool wall damage, liner damage, and an unstable climbing surface. A ladder for your above-ground swimming pool is a safety must! All pool ladders are made from durable material that can support the weight of the climber, resist sun and chemical damage, resist algae, and last for years.

When purchasing a ladder for your pool, there are two routes you can go: Drop-in or A-Frame.

If you choose to have a deck built, you’ll want a “Drop-in” pool ladder. This type of ladder is securely bolted to the deck, parallel to the top of your pool and has two sturdy hand rails. Be sure to choose a drop in that is the right height to extend from the base of the deck to the base of the pool. A ladder that is too short won’t reach your pool base and will be left hanging freely into the pool. This creates an unstable climb, ladder damage, and possible liner damage if the ladder bends forward enough to touch the pool wall. One other important tip that you won’t want to forget is that you’ll need to put a step pad under the final step of your pool ladder. An unpadded bottom step could cause irreparable damage to your pool liner. Another consideration is that drop-in ladders will require special weights, available at your local pool supply store, to keep the ladder from floating.

If a pool deck is not your cup of tea, you’ll want an A-frame ladder for your above ground swimming pool. As their name indicates, these ladders are shaped like an “A” and provide a sturdy set of steps that reach over the pool from the ground both inside and outside of the pool. Standard A-frame ladders have a built in safety feature that allows the lower, exterior steps to be removed/retracted to keep little ones safe and/or prevent all people from entering the pool at unwanted times. There are a variety of different types of A-frame ladders, from very basic/inexpensive ladders, to higher quality (and higher priced) ladders packed with special features. A-frame ladders come in multiple colors, materials, decorative elements, and widths. Other features available include small bridges at the top of the ladder and safety gates on the pool entrance side. Again, you’ll want to be sure that you’re A-frame has a step pad for the bottom step inside of the pool to protect your liner.

Remember, your local pool supply store is a great resource when deciding the type of pool ladder you’ll need. Happy swimming!