Simplicity of Intex Above-Ground Swimming Pools

simplicity of intex above-ground swimming poolsMany people have the misperception that all swimming pools have to be expensive and time-consuming. Thanks to companies like Intex who make above-ground swimming pools, this is not the case. Above-ground swimming pools are not only relatively inexpensive, but they are easy to install and maintain! Your family can enjoy a backyard oasis during the hot times of the year without investing a fortune into the decision. You can even take an above-ground swimming pool with you if you happen to move, which is not an option with in-ground swimming pools.

There are tons of shapes, sizes and materials of above-ground swimming pools, but Intex manufactures three very popular styles: the Intex Oval Frame Pool, the Intex Ultra Frame Pool, and the Intex Easy Set Deluxe Pool. Any three of these styles would be a wonderful addition to any backyard, and they are built to last! Intex is said to use the best above-ground swimming pool materials.

Needless to say, the Intex Oval Frame Pool is oval-shaped, and has an inflatable top ring with a durable three-ply liner. This style is easy to install, and is a perfect addition to a narrow backyard. Its measurements are 12-feet by 28-feet by 48-inches. This style is ideal for many families because of its size, and its galvanized frame, which makes it extremely durable and long-lasting.

The strongest of the three popular Intex pool styles is the Intex Ultra Frame Pool. It has a strong,metal frame that is lined with a unique liner to prevent corrosion and rust. This above-ground pool style is available in many shapes, such as rectangular and round. It is the perfect fit for a family who is looking for a long-lasting above-ground pool.

The Intex Easy Set Deluxe Pool is not quite as durable as the other two styles, but it is incredibly easy to set up. It does not even require any special tools! Similar to the Intex Oval Frame Pool, this style comes with an inflatable top ring and a three-ply liner. The Easy Set Deluxe Pool is available in a variety of sizes and takes only 30 minutes to set up! This means that you can be swimming only a half an hour after your purchase! The simplicity of this style makes it very popular among consumers.

Each of these styles comes with a pool kit that gives you everything you need to get your pool up and running as soon as possible! They generally come with a filter, pump, ladder, etc.

All three of these styles from Intex are very simple to set up and are reasonably priced. Each of them even comes with an instructional DVD! Of course, after your purchase and installation comes pool maintenance. Typically, people can maintain their above-ground pools without having to hire someone. Cleaning and repairing damages can all be done rather quickly and easily.

Intex offers a swimming pool option that is inexpensive, durable, simple, and tons of fun! Their variety of swimming pools all seem like a fantastic addition to any backyard.