Solar heating, now the better choice

Solar powers first known use was thousands of years ago. It was invented by scientist who observed a house that was built in Eastern Europe. The scientific notion of solar energy use was first explained to the public by Albert Einstein in 1904 in his published article defining the science behind solar power. However, the use of solar energy didn’t become commonly used in modern America until around the 1950′s. At this time American society was just beginning to find solar energy to be extremely beneficial and preferable to other energy sources. Solar energy is used in the commercial industry to cut costs for the running of office buildings, its used for industrial purposes and is now the choice of power source for working in remote locations, as well as the residential community to help cut costs of home maintenance while being environmentally friendly.

In the residential community you may know someone who owns an in ground pool, heating that pool can be very expensive shooting power bill through the roof. As every one knows and has personally experienced, our economic times are very different then they were just ten years ago. Using solar energy to maintain the home used to be an option that was far too costly. The benefits were great in the fact that the choice was friendly to the environment, but the up front investment left most consumers out of the loop.

Now, choosing to heat the pool with a solar heater is not just for going green anymore, it has now become an extreme financial benefit since fossil fuel is becoming an outdated energy source. Solar is now cheaper than the other methods used to heat your pool. If you compare the cost of heating your pool with a traditional or gas heater, the fuel cost of heating your pool over a fifteen year period could cost you five times more than the use of a solar heater. Solar heaters have a life span of about fifteen to twenty years and most come with warranties, where a traditional heater will last you about ten years, if well maintained. If the money savings has yet to convince you here are some other benefits to choosing solar over traditional pool heating methods.

Solar heaters are also the safer choice when it comes to heating your pool. If you think about a traditional gas heating system, the way they function is by burning fossil fuel gases to heat your pool which eliminates carbon dioxide into the air and your pool water. This is obviously very harmful to your family and friends who swim in your pool water. Solar heaters are powered by the sun, which is a chemical free way to heat your pool.

The use of solar is better for us and better for our planet since it is a renewable energy source. Now that solar energy is making its way to being the more affordable choice more people can now make solar heaters the new and improved way to heat the backyard pool.