Swimming Pools – Using Your Vacation to Help Make a Choice

When people dream about their future dream home, how many of them include a private pool in the backyard? Probably most people. What is it about swimming pools that we desire so much? For many, it is the ability to enjoy the benefits of a daily swim while escaping the anxiety that comes with swimming in a public setting. Whatever the reason, there are some unique things to think about when considering what kind of pool you would prefer.

It may sound strange, but vacationing can be a great way to explore the world of swimming pools. From exotic resorts, to private hotel balconies, almost every vacation destination offers a unique take on a swimming experience.

Take Europe for example. In the countryside of many European countries, you can stay in old villas or cottages, many of which offer the use of a swimming pool on the property. These pools are usually built by the owner, and therefore aren’t finished as perfectly as more modern pools. They therefore possess a rustic, old-school charm that you won’t find at the gym or city pool. Such a country feel might be perfect for your dream backyard.

Other vacation spots that often offer both large public pools, as well as private swimming pool use, are up-scale hotels and resorts. These are found all over the world, and offer a much more luxurious experience. Such luxury pools offer a wide variety of choices, which can influence your choice on the right pool for you. Exotic locations may offer private beach-side lap pools with a fantastic views. Other resorts may offer more family-oriented swimming, with gigantic pools complete with slides, diving boards and other fun swimming activities. Water sports, such as volleyball and basketball are often found in these larger swimming areas. Some pools have different levels, or even built-in ledges around the perimeter, which can be more conducive to swimming with children. The options are endless. Once you start searching, you can find some amazing places to try out.

No matter where you choose to vacation and what style of pool you have the chance to enjoy, pay attention to small details. Do you most enjoy swimming laps back and forth? What time of day is your favorite time to take a dip? If you are a night-time swimmer, what kind of lighting is important in and around the pool? Do you enjoy swimming most when you share the experience with family and friends? Perhaps you enjoy water sports, and would prefer a shallower pool that allows you to play water basketball or volleyball. What size of pool would best suit your needs? All of these options are easy to explore while vacationing, and can help you narrow down what is best for you.

The more you try new pools out, the better off you will be when you make a choice of your own. And before you know it, you may be building your own dream pool in your own backyard.