The basics about needed pool maintenance

If you are considering becoming a new swimming pool owner, you may be thinking about how much fun it will be,or how many parties you will have. However, before you run out to find a builder or pick out a pool you need to consider a few things first. Just like any other life changing decisions, such as adding a baby to the family, you need to make sure you understand all the responsibilities first. Being well informed will ensure that when you make the decision to go through with the change, you will enjoy it. Even with the required maintenance that comes with the new ownership of a pool there will be hours of enjoyment that follows.

When it comes to maintenance of a pool, if not done correctly or often enough, it can cost a lot of money which can make the owning of a pool a nightmare. Until you find a maintenance schedule that works for you, here are some good ideas to take into consideration. If you make sure to have a few basic items for your pool, the opening of your pool for the season, can be very easy and stress free. Installing an automatic pool cover can help keep a large amount of debris out of your pool during the off season. Make sure to have a pool vacuum. This will help clean your pool water and get the things that sink to the bottom of your pool. It is also important to the maintenance of your pool to have a pool inspector come out and evaluate all your pumps and electrical systems.

Once you have opened your pool successfully remember that your pool should undergo consistent maintenance that is done every two-three days. These tasks include vacuuming the pool for leaves, bugs or unwanted items at the bottom or on the sides of your pool, as well as the emptying of the filter baskets. On a weekly basis you should check the water levels so the water pump can work correctly and provide the pool with the appropriate chemicals needed by checking the pH levels. Once a month you need to check the pool cover for holes, examine the cement for possible cracks and test all hand rails to ensure that all are working properly.

When the pool season comes to an end, make sure you are ready to winterize your pool by blowing out all the water lines and emptying the pumps. When closing your pool make sure to drain the pool of all water and again clean with the vacuum. If this part seems overwhelming, these tasks can also be done by hiring a professional pool cleaning technician.

Make sure to maintain your pool properly and often enough in order to enjoy your pool to the fullest. The decision to build or buy a home with an existing pool can be a great way to make your back yard the paradise you have always wanted for your family and friends.