The Benefits of an Above-Ground Pool vs. an In-ground Pool

There are so many different options now-a-days in the swimming pool market. What size, color, and material to make your pool can be a tough decision, as it is a huge investment. There are generally two types of backyard swimming pools: above-ground and in-ground. Each of these comes with a big list of pros and cons, and it is important to study these when making your big decision about a swimming pool. Here is a list of the pros and cons to help you along the way.

Above-Ground Swimming Pools


1. Installation of an above-ground pool is very quick and simple. It can usually be done within a day, or maybe even a few minutes, depending on the material.

2. Above-ground pools are very reasonably prices, ranging from about $1,500 to $5,000, depending also on what it is made of.

3. You can bring an above-ground pool with you when you relocate! It is mobile!


1. Above-ground pools are generally a lot smaller than in-ground pools, therefore they don’t provide as much swimming room.

2. They do not usually last as long as an in-ground swimming pool would.

3. The designs are not as appealing as custom-made in-ground pools. They don’t typically go as well with backyards aesthetically.


1. Soft side: This design is usually made of a metal frame, with vinyl stretching across the frame.

2. Endless pool: These pools are smaller pools that have a current so swimmers can swim against it, building endurance.

3. Metal hard side: These are constructed of sheet metal, and are very durable.

In-Ground Swimming Pools


1. In-ground swimming pools can be custom-made. You can choose the shape, color, etc. so that it goes perfectly with your landscape.

2. Having a swimming pool often increases the property value of your house.

3. They last much longer than above-ground swimming pools!


1. In-ground pools are not portable. Once you spend the money to get it put in a certain location, it cannot move with you when you go.

2. Building an in-ground pool can be very pricey, sometimes going over $40,000.

3. During cold months, having a pool in your backyard can sometimes decrease the value of your home.

4. In-ground pools require much more space than above-ground. It takes up the majority of most backyards.


1. Fiberglass: This style comes in many different forms and can last up to 20 years.

2. Gunite: This style is a concrete mixture that can be sprayed over any pool frame and often lasts over 25 years.

3.Vinyl: This style is the least expensive, but normally only lasts up to 10 years before it needs a replacement.

Different types of pools are good for different landscapes and budgets. As you can see, there are many advantages and disadvantages to owning either an above-ground pool or an in-ground pool. As with any purchase, there are good and bad aspects. Regardless of what type of pool you choose to build, you will enjoy the luxury of swimming in your own backyard, having pool parties, and owning the attraction of the neighborhood