The Best Available Above-Ground Swimming Pools

kw-5If you have made a choice to invest in an above-ground swimming pool, you are on your way to a money-saving summer full of fun, entertainment, and relaxation. You have made a great decision. However, before you rush into buying the first swimming pool that you lay eyes on, research the different types of above-ground pools and figure out the exact one that fits your preference before buying. If you buy without looking at the options, you are most likely going to be disappointed when you discover that your purchased pool does not come with all of the amenities that you had hoped for. Reading some of the information below will help you to make the right decision and will prevent disappointment in the future.


There are various materials that can make above-ground swimming pools. The most popular materials are plastic, vinyl, aluminum, and steel. The plastic pools are the most affordable, but are generally designed for small children and cannot withstand much of anything. They are a good addition if you have a toddler, but not if you want a large pool that lasts. Vinyl pools are the most common, as they are priced reasonably. They are not the most durable of materials, but they can handle more than most people think. If a hole appears, it is easy to repair, and cost effective. The aluminum pools are very durable and cost a bit more than the previous two, but the pools made of steel are the strongest and will last around 20 years. The steel pools are the most expensive, but are worth the price if you want your pool to last a couple of decades.

Shape and Size

Above-ground swimming pools come in a few different shapes, such as rectangular, oval, and round. They can also be very wide, narrow, or deep. Your choice should depend on the amount of level ground available in your backyard, and also on how much swimming room you would like to have. If you are into swimming for exercise, you will want to consider buying an oval shaped swimming pool because it usually provides the most room.

Once you have decided the style of your pool, you can then choose the equipment and pool accessories that you want to purchase. You will need to purchase a heavy duty pool cover, a vacuum, a filter, a pump, a pool net, a ladder, and various cleaning supplies if they did not come included with your pool purchase. An efficient water sanitizing system is important to have with your pool, so you must decide whether you want to go with the classic but harsh Chlorine system, or if you want to take an alternate route like salt water. All of the options have advantages and disadvantages, so you must figure out which cleaning supplies fit with how much time you are willing to put into your pool, how clean you want to keep it, etc. After you have decided on the material, shape, size, accessories, and equipment of your pool, you can dive in and make your purchase.