The Good and Bad About Owning an Above-Ground Swimming Pool

When the temperature starts to rise outside, everybody would love to have a swimming pool in their own backyard to jump in whenever they feel like it. Above-ground swimming pools are a great way to beat the heat! They can provide tons of entertainment and relaxation all summer long. When a home has an above-ground swimming pool, their property automatically becomes a whole lot more popular. That being said, you probably want to run out and buy an above-ground pool. Before you rush into purchasing, it is important to recognize both the good and the bad aspects about owning one of these pools. Here is a list of each.


1. Above-ground swimming pools are incredibly inexpensive! They cost only a fraction of the price of a swimming pool in the ground. You could save tens of thousands of dollars by choosing this option!

2. These pools are relatively easy to install and maintain. Some styles only take about a half an hour to set up, while the more complicated ones take only a couple of days. Maintenance is lot easier on those who do not want to bend over whenever they have a something to get done with their pool. Having the edge of the pool at eye level when cleaning makes the job a lot easier.

3. They are portable! If you happen to move to a new home, you have nothing to worry about. You can bring your summer fun with you, whereas with an in-ground swimming pool, you have to leave it in the ground where it is. Some above-ground pool styles are so simple that you can even bring them with you on vacation!


1. Above-ground swimming pools do not provide a lot of swimming room. If you are swimming for exercise, you may not have as much room as you would prefer to have. They also do not usually come deeper than 54 inches, whereas with in-ground swimming pools, you can make them 10 feet deep. This is a disadvantage for those who would like to have a lot of swimming room.

2. These pools are not as customizable as the pools in the ground. They are only available in three shapes, and do not come in tons of different colors, materials, or sizes. There are only a few choices.

3. They do not go as well with backyard landscape as in-ground swimming pools. Home owners who want their backyard to be beautiful and modern often do not choose the above-ground pool because it is not as attractive as the other option.

As you can see, there are good and bad characteristics about above-ground pools. Families who want a pool for fun, have a tight budget, and do not mind so much what their backyard looks like, should go with an above-ground swimming pool. On the other hand, those with a lot of spending money and a desire for a large and beautiful pool should choose the classic style in the ground. Which ever you choose, you will have a great way to beat the heat in the summer time!