The Importance of an Above-Ground Swimming Pool Fence

Above-ground swimming pools are a great addition to any backyard. Owning one can help to transform your property into an oasis for the whole neighborhood. Friends and family can utilize the refreshing entertainment of your swimming pool whenever it gets hot outside. These pools are a ton of fun, but it is important to note that safety should always be a main priority. If your pool is a paradise of entertainment but has not safety features, you are putting all of your swimmers at risk for injury or even death. Your pool will no longer be the neighborhood destination if people start to realize that it is dangerous. There are many ways to ensure safety for those in and around your swimming pool, such as using a heavy duty pool cover, having a pool alarm, balancing the chemicals, shocking your pool, removing unwanted debris, and keeping lifeguard equipment near the pool. All of these are essential in owning a swimming pool, but the most important part to maintaining a safe environment is building a fence with a self closing gate around the perimeter of your pool.

Building some type of fence around a swimming pool is a law in many areas of the United States, but even in the areas where it is not, there should still be a fence. Too many children and animals have drowned due to the lack of a fence. Even for the best of parents, there are times when we take our eyes off of our children. Doing this for just a few seconds without a fence around your pool can cause your child to drown. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

These days, there are tons of different efficient and inexpensive fences available to install. Some people believe that having an above-ground pool makes it hard enough for small children to enter the water, but that is not true. If you forget to remove the ladder from the side, a child can easily climb up and fall in the water. There are others who argue that having a pool cover over their swimming pool will keep children out. That does assist in making an obstacle but it is not enough. If it is not all the way on, or if it is light enough for the child to lift, they can still fall into the water. Many folks say that if they just do not let children outside alone, there is no chance of drowning. Unfortunately, children find a way to get where they want too often, and if we are distracted with a phone call or cleaning, they may get out near the water. Water entices children and the chances of fatalities are higher than they should be if you do not have a fence. The importance of installing a fence for your above-ground swimming pool (or in-ground swimming pool) cannot be emphasized enough. It must be done. To keep your pool fun and safe for everyone, build a fence with a self-closing gate around the perimeter.