The Importance of Pool Cleaning Services

Having your own above ground pools adds so much fun for your family and friends during the hot summer months. There isn’t anything better than soaking in the cool water after a long day at work or school. But as a pool owner, it is important to keep it maintained in a proper way. Our body sheds many skin cells and sweats, regardless of where you are and of course, there are plenty of other microorganisms ready to multiply. There are several different ways to sanitize including hiring a professional service that you can utilize to properly maintain your fluid chemistry.

Many unfortunate things can happen if a person is exposed to unclean water. There are parasites and bacteria that can be swallowed and grown in the GI tract that might have come from a diaper or un-clean bodies. Since some parasites and bacteria can survive even in chlorine treated fluids, stomach problems can occur from such exposure making a victim require a visit to the ER. Dehydration due to diarrhea or vomiting is not as harmful to healthy adults. But to infants and elderly, the situation can go from bad to critical very fast. Other minor reactions to unclean water will be skin and eye irritations as well as eczema.

The pool should be tested with a test kit depending on the amount of usage. You should check if the fluid is clear and visible. Any bubbles or foam collecting at the side is a sure sign of tainted solution. Simple maintenance should be performed such as; removing anything floating in the surface, checking the pump filters for any debris, and keeping the walk way swept and clear any debris. Scrub the tiles, routine chemistry tests and treating the solution with chemicals if necessary. Depending on the dip test, different methods of treatment can be done. There are chemicals such as calcium carbonate dehydrates sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), sodium bi-sulfate, different forms of chlorine can be added to neutralize the chemistry. Chlorine is still highly effective and popular way to sanitize and clear away any algae and bacteria from the solution. There are other methods to sanitize other than the use of chemicals such as the use of ultraviolet sterilizers and oxidizers.

Other than the basic maintenance of making sure you have the right supplies such as nets and pool covers, treatment and maintaining sanitizing solution should be done by the owner only if he is familiar and confident with the use of the chemicals and methods used to clean the water. For these reasons, professional services are highly recommended. They are competent about the details involved with keeping your pool clean and healthy for your family and friends. They can recommend different types of treatments as well as answer any questions regarding maintenance. No money can amount to the responsibility that an owner carries towards family and friends. With the careful routine maintenance done by the owner and the professional services, you can be sure to have a worry free summer.