What’s So Great About Above-Ground Swimming Pools?

Many people are starting to convert to above-ground swimming pool consumers. The in-ground swimming pools are beginning to be too expensive and time consuming, so people are realizing their inconvenience. As a result, the sales of above-ground swimming pools are rapidly increasing. This has sparked a curiosity among the public. People are wondering what is so great about these swimming pools. Here are just a few of the benefits that come along with purchasing your very own, above-ground, backyard oasis.

It is inexpensive!

Unlike the cost of in-ground swimming pools, that of above-ground pools is very low. Purchasing an in-ground pool can cost up to 40,000 dollars plus equipment, accessories, and landscape. Purchasing an above-ground pool does not generally cost more than 4,000 dollars. Some would be concerned by this because it is a sign that above-ground pools are not made with quality material, and therefore will not last more than a couple of seasons. This is a misconception. Above-ground swimming pools will not last quite as long as in-ground pools, but they can last a couple of decades. With advancements in recent technology, the material is high quality and tear resistant. Maintenance of an above-ground pool is relatively low-priced as well. When a hole appears, all that is usually needed is a patch kit. These can be bought at any pool specialty store for a low price.

It is simple!

Above-ground swimming pools, just as the name suggests, sit on top of the ground. Therefore, they must be assembled and set on the ground. This is a much more simple approach than digging a giant hole in the ground of your backyard and waiting months to install your pool. Above-ground pools can usually be installed within a day or two, depending on the style that you choose. A manual and instructional DVD will likely come along in the package to assist you with installation, but they may not even be needed. After simple installation, there is simple maintenance. The pump just sits on the ground next to your pool, so whenever it needs maintenance, it will be right there for you to work on. None of the equipment is underground, so it is all easy to access when you need to do some upkeep.

It is portable!

When families install in-ground swimming pools, there is always a chance that they will relocate and have to leave their summer fun behind. With above-ground swimming pools, families can disassemble and pack up their source of fun to bring along with them wherever they happen to go! Depending on the simplicity of the pool style, you may even be able to take it with you on vacation! This is a huge advantage in owning an above-ground swimming pool. Everyone wants fun that they can take with them on the road!

So not only are above-ground swimming pools extremely inexpensive, but they are also simple to install and they are portable. On top of all of these benefits, they still provide just as much summer fun as the expensive and inconvenient in-ground swimming pools. It is no wonder why consumers are leaning towards this option. It is a fantastic way to beat the heat!