Why Above-Ground Swimming Pools Are the New Fad

all about above-ground swimming poolsEspecially during the sweltering heat of the summer months, many home owners dream of purchasing their own swimming pool. Unfortunately, consumers do not see this as a possibility because of the extremely high price and inconvenience of in-ground swimming pools. People can not afford to hire someone to come and dig a hole in the ground of their backyard, and many do not have the time to spend maintaining the swimming pool. That can be a full time job in itself! But there is good news. People are starting to lean toward an alternate option for summer fun: above-ground swimming pools. These pools provide just as much fun for only a fraction of the price, and way less pool maintenance. Here is some information for those considering an above-ground swimming pool.

Wide Variety
There is a hesitation among consumers about purchasing an above-ground pool because many hold the general misconception that all of them look the same: ugly and round. These days, this is simply not the case. Above-ground swimming pools come in different shapes, such as oval, rectangular, and round, and they come in many different depths. The deepest that an above-ground swimming pool generally goes is about 54 inches. You can choose from a variety of materials as well, like plastic, vinyl, or metal! Plastic is the least expensive and is usually purchased for small children who are unable to swim. Vinyl is the most popular material because it is durable and has a low price. It is also very easy to install and maintain. Metal pools are the most pricey because they last the longest of the three. They will usually last around 20 years, but are a little bit more difficult to initially set up.

Beautiful Landscape
In addition to the variety in shape, size, and material, above-ground swimming pools can have a customized color to fit with your home or backyard. Pool liners come in any color imaginable. If this still does not fit your preference, you can use landscape to make your pool look beautiful in your backyard. Many pool owners place potted plants around the perimeter of their pool to help with the appearance. Others build a deck around their pool for both safety and aesthetics. Having a wooden deck around your pool will help it to flow with the landscape of your backyard.

Great Safety
Above-ground swimming pools are the safest in the market for neighborhoods with small children and animals. Because the entrance of the pool is so high off of the ground, most children who are unable to swim are also unable to climb to the top of the pool and remove the pool cover to fall in. Of course, it is still wise to install a fence with a self-closing gate around the perimeter for extra safety.

Above-ground swimming pools are inexpensive, simple, safe, and come in a variety of styles. Because of these great benefits, their popularity is rapidly increasing. They have become a beloved way to beat the summer heat.