Winter Pool Covers for Above Ground Swimming Pools

above-ground swimming pools winter pool coversHigh Quality Winter Covers for Above-Ground Swimming Pools

Above-ground swimming pools provide a ton of fun for your family, but they do come with responsibilities. Among these responsibilities is closing up your pool for the winter time. There are various things that must be done in order to achieve winterization such as cleaning, draining, and storing, but the most important of all of these things is purchasing a quality winter pool cover for your pool.

Your winter pool cover will essentially be what protects your above-ground pool from the harsh, cold weather during the winter. If you cannot survive the winter without a good quality winter coat to keep you warm, then neither can your pool. If you want it to last to 10 or 20 years, you will need to buy a quality winter pool cover. How can you tell which are the best of the best winter covers? Here is some information to help you with your purchase.

Not only do winter pool covers help to keep your pool nice and warm during the winter, but they also protect it from any unwanted debris, dirt, grass, leaves, trash, etc. If you keep your pool nice and clean all winter, then you will have less work to do when it comes time to open your pool up again. Pool covers also help to restrain small children and animals who are unable to swim from falling into the pool while nobody is watching. Hopefully there is a gate to get that job done, but the pool cover will act as an extra guard against danger for both the pool and the children.

There are many different style of winter pool covers for above-ground swimming pools. Generally, the best type to get is a solarized cover, because it helps to keep the water in your pool warm all winter long despite the bitter cold. A sign of a good, quality pool cover is a black underside. If the underside of the pool cover is black, then it blocks out all light that may otherwise help feed and growing algae inside of your pool. You will also want to purchase a durable material for your above-ground pool cover. The cover will have to withstand UV rays and wind every day, so it is important to get one that will last.

If you cannot lift and handle the pool cover that you are thinking about getting, do not get it! It is important that it is easy to handle because if it is not, then you will likely not want to put it back on the pool after each use. Even though it should be made of super strong and sturdy material, it should also be lightweight.

After you have purchased the best quality swimming pool winter cover, lay it on top of the pool so that it is covering the entire thing, and use cover clips to secure it. It should not move all winter long, so make sure it is where it is supposed to be.